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Terms & Conditions

By signing up for cake classes / Birthday party classes you give Big Day Cakes consent to take photos / Videos during class & with their creation in a group photo. Photos / Videos may be posted on Facebook (Big Day Cakes/Eva Meade/website).

You give consent for me to teach your child /Children cake decorating lessons. Please be aware the products are from commercial warehouse manufactured on shared equipment that processes tree nuts. You can visit the ingredients page for more info.

You understand once payment is made there is no refunds. If a child misses any classes, they can do a makeup class on another day, if missed a full month do to illness, please let me know and I can give you credit on another Monthly class. 

NEW*  Fondant color packs have been added ($10.00 value) - Each child gets a Fondant packet of their own, with the colors that go best with the theme of the class.  Kids keep their Fondant that they don't use, they can use at home for practice.

Cake Class Rewards
1 Class = 1 point       
  4 points  =  Child get a cake cake decorating tool
10 points  =  Child get a cake cake decorating tool
12 points  = Child gets a CHEF HAT 
18 points  = Child gets a cake cake decorating tool
24 points =Child gets their own turn table & a silicone mat​
25 points = Students get Master Junior Cake Decorating Certificate and tool and Every 6th class after, students will receive decorating tools, or mold, cutters, etc.
36 points = Child gets their very own air brush compressor
48 points - Kids get a 5 lb bucket of white fondant (they can use food coloring gel to color their fondant as need).
72 points - Kids get a kit to make a cake at home (includes):  8"rd (2), filling of their choice, Icing with bag and tip, side icer/scraper
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