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What to expect:  Kids will decorate an already iced cake to the theme you choose, Although kids will have flexibility on how they want their cake to look like at the end. Once all cakes are completed, we will do a group photo and all kids get a certificate of completion along with a goody bag.

In the 1 hr class, all kids will have their cakes iced the one color you choose to go with (so no airbrushing in this class).

Kids will work with Fondant (they will be packed with multiple colors in a baggy for each child) Kids will get icing Bags to add some piping decor to their cakes.  Some decor may require painting with luster dust.  I provide cutters / Molds / edible images /sprinkles / dried decor /etc. depending on the theme and availability.

Tools I bring:  Will depend on theme and availability for that theme. In class, I will explain what the tools do (that I bring) and what best ways to use the tools, demonstrate if needed and most of all for the kids to have fun decorating their cakes.

Things I bring:  White Plastic table covers, Aprons, chef hats, turntables, decorating tools, Iced cakes 1 for each child, Something special for the Birthday child, certificates, and goody bags for all kids to go with theme.

Things YOU will need to have ready (house Parties only): Tables & chairs (if kids will be sitting while decorating) EXAMPLE: 12 kids will need two six foot tables, Best way to setup tables, is in one long line if possible (so it's like one long table) or 6 kids one 6 ft table is good.

IDEA:  You can personalize the room with backdrops, Balloons to go with your theme (house parties only).

NOTE (house parties):   Decorating can be messy, I recommend to setup in a area where it can be easily cleaned or protect the area for easy cleanup.  Please keep in mind, in the summer time or hot humid days, to setup indoors as the cakes will not hold up in the heat.

Setup:  I arrive about 15 - 30  minutes prior to start time, to setup (time will depend on class size).

2 hr Birthday Decorating Class
(minimum 6 kids to 17 max)  $50 per child

All info same from above, except in this class kids can use the airbrush compressor to spray their cakes with any color and they get 2 hours to work on their cakes instead of one hour.

PARTY LOCATIONS:   At customers house at this time

Please Book Group Classes / Parties at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance!

               Available only Friday or Saturday's
COVID UPDATE:  Supplies will be packed separately, sanitizers will be provided.  Be sure to have kids wash hands prior to decorating.
Smaller Group Decorating Class
1hr   -$50 per child - 3 kids in Group class
2hrs - $65 per child - with airbrushing

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