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1 hr Decorating Class
(minimum 6 kids to 15 max)  $40 per child

Welcome to our cake decorating class! Here's what you can expect:

During the one-hour session, children will embellish pre-iced cakes according to a theme of your choice. While there's room for creative expression, kids will have guidance to ensure a cohesive and enjoyable decorating experience.

Depending on the chosen theme, participants may engage with various techniques such as working with fondant, utilizing icing bags for piping decorations, and applying embellishments like luster dust. I'll provide a variety of tools and decorations including cutters, molds, edible images, sprinkles, and dried decor, tailored to the theme and availability.

I'll introduce and demonstrate the tools brought to the class, ensuring that each child understands their purpose and how to use them effectively, all while emphasizing the primary goal: to have fun decorating their cakes.

Equipment and Supplies:

I'll come equipped with white plastic table covers, aprons, and chef hats (if applicable), along with turntables, decorating tools, pre-iced cakes for each child, and collectible pins for every participant.

Hosting Requirements (For House Parties):

For house parties, please ensure the availability of tables and chairs, ideally organized in a single long line or in smaller groups to facilitate a seamless decorating experience. Personalizing the space with backdrops and themed balloons can enhance the ambiance and add to the festive atmosphere.

Preparation and Cleanup:

Please designate an area that can be easily cleaned or protected, considering that decorating can be messy. In warmer weather, it's advisable to set up indoors to prevent any issues with the cakes melting in the heat.

Setup Timing:

I'll arrive approximately 15 to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to set up, with the exact duration depending on the size of the class.

Looking forward to a delightful and creative cake decorating session! If you have any further questions or special requests, please don't hesitate to reach out.

2 hr Decorating Class
(minimum 6 kids to 15 max) $50 per child
Please Book Group Classes / Parties at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance!
Smaller Group Decorating Class
1hr   -$50 per child  - 3 kids in Group class
2hrs - $65 per child - 3 kids in Group class

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