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Organic Fruit / Vegetables (from family farms)
  • Organic Mountain Farms

    – In Arizona don’t always have organic lemons available, nor can we plant a NON GMO lemon tree due to governmental regulations. Organic Mountain Farms, carries citrus, vegetables, and more. They ship with a cool pack.

  • Northwest wild foods

    –Northwest Wild Foods is a small, family-owned company in Burlington, Washington that is dedicated to bringing you the rare and natural wild flavors of our region and beyond. All of their products are sustainably harvested, Kosher and GMO free. 100% raw Organic, no pesticides used. Some ship frozen. Backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They freeze them same day they get picked for freshness, nutrients, and flavor.

  • Fresh Meadows Farm –

    Provides the highest quality fresh organic cranberries each season. This commitment extends through all aspects of their operation. They take great care in the production, transportation, sorting, and packing to attempt to reach this goal each year and to ensure the full integrity of the organic process. Organic fresh & frozen Cranberries.


         From Florida, Coconut water is 100% natural. It is healthy, full of vitamins and minerals, and benefits your body. Ships to

         you anywhere in the country! Packages start as small as three coconuts per box and there are quantity discounts.

         Fresh coconuts full water and meat.


Located in Springville, California at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pleasant Valley Ranch is part of the Great San Joaquin Valley, which produce’s much as 48% of the food supply in the United States. Pleasant Valley Ranch has been family-owned and operated since 1937. The mail order business for our award-winning, certified organic oranges and other produce was established over 70 years ago, and our family has been raising oranges in this region for over 100 years.

Why Buy From Organic Family Farms:
  1. It’s as if you grew them yourself in your own back yard.

  2. The taste is amazing and fresh.

  3. Farmers not only sell you the fresh goods but also grows it for themselves and their families.

  4. You can get to know your family farmer on personal level, so you know where your food comes from.

  5. They don’t spray chemicals on their crops or if some do it’s less toxic and they don’t use GMO’s.

Pick yourself Farms

Date Creek Ranch - They have apple & peach picking.  They're  soy free chickens are the best (no fishy taste).

Fenway Park Orchards - All Fruit is 100% organic  - They have over 2,000 trees growing.

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