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Cake Class Info

Decorating Coarse
(Includes supplies & pictures posted on this site under class pictures)

Classes range from $30.00 and up Per Coarse (depending what class you signup)
Learn piping techniques on boards / sheets and make icing piped flowers, designs, etc. in some classes when time allows.  Practice decorating fake cupcakes/cakes with icing when reached class 24

Making fondant decorations.

Group picture with completed work and completion certificate will be given.  Collect points (shown on certificates to get rewards) 

Kids will get Aprons to wear when decorating, which they will be able to keep.


Most Classes are 2hrs  or more and some are more than 1 day - The lessons will vary on those days.

NEW REGISTRATION MUST BE FILLED OUT FOR EACH CLASS YOU SIGN YOUR CHILD UP (for each child) if you would like to do one check out with multiple kids, let me know and I can send out an invoice.  Just be sure to let me know which class they want to do.

Payments are due prior to class starting.

Cake classes are great for those who want to be creative and have fun.  It's been said it's good for fine motor skills, working those small finger/hand muscles.

Each Class we will be working on something new and sometimes a surprise or two will be included.  We will also be holding Cake contests, where kids can win Gift Cards to their favorite stores, it will specify under the descriptions.

If time allows, we will play games at the end of the class, kids can win small toys or stickers for their sticker collection.

Can't wait to see you in class, let's have some SWEET fun!!!!!

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