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Herbs and spices may help protect against certain chronic conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  Herbs and spices also add flavor to your meals.

Wild Himalayan Pink Salt

Why is Wild Himalayan Salt pink when most other salt is white?

Because it has more minerals! 

The pink color comes from the trace minerals and electrolytes found naturally in the salt.  Wild Pink Himalayan Pink Salt is mined from deep under the Himalayan mountains. The salt is hundreds of millions of years old, the purest salt on the on Earth that has not been touched by man and his pollution.  Compared to table salt, which is made artificially by combining sodium and chloride, Wild Pink Salt is 100% natural and forged by Earth herself.

Salt is an essential nutrient to the human body, which is why we have a palate for salty foods.  Most salt found in processed and restaurant food is the artificially created table salt and iodized kosher salt varieties. These not only impart a metallic flavor, but they also make you feel bloated and cause a lot of water retention.  More info on Himalayan Pink Salt click here.

Black Organic Pepper

Seasoning Black Pepper Organic in glass Bottle

  • Black Pepper helps improve your stomach’s ability to digest foods and promotes intestinal health. Because black pepper is a carminative, it discourages intestinal gas from forming, and as a bonus, the outer layer of the peppercorn aids in the break-down of fat cells.  Read more on Black pepper Click here.


Organic Turmeric Powder

  • Premium Quality and Potency: Wild Turmeric is a premium organic, Non-GMO, NON-Irradiated turmeric from India with a rich golden color.

  • Turmeric Root Powder has been used as a medicine and cooking spice throughout Asia for thousands of years. It is one of the most potent, anti-inflammatory foods on Earth.

  • Wild Turmeric is a 100% Raw Spice From India full of the powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient curcumin, which is known to reduce inflammation as well as improve digestion, joint health as well as just about every other marker of human health.  More info on Turmeric click here.


Organic Fennel Seeds

  • Fennel seeds are good for bloating /gas /indigestion

  • Fennel water helps relieve babies with colic and aid digestion

  • Found to increase breast milk secretion in nursing mothers.  More info on fennel seeds click here.


Organic Cayenne Pepper

  • Cayenne Pepper Helps Digestion

  • Relieves Migraine Pain

  • Provides Detox Support

  • Prevents blood clots

  • Relieves joint and Nerve Pain

  • Supports weight loss

  • Works as a anti-irritant, more info read here


Organic Ginger Root Powder

Ginger Root used for:

  • Heart & Stroke

  • Indigestion & Nausea

  • Malabsorbtion

  • Compromised Immunity & Respiratory function

  • Bacterial infections

  • Fungal infections

  • Ulcers & GERD

  • Pain

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes, more info read here


Organic Bay Leaf

Bay Leaves used for:

Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking to flavor soups, stews, braises and pâtés in Mediterranean cuisine and beans in Brazilian cuisine.

Healthy Benefits & Uses:

  • Nutrient Packed: Bay leaves offer us a healthy dose of vitamins A, C, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, and iron

  • Soothe body aches

  • Ease joint pain from arthritis

  • Immune supportive: Have antibacterial and anti fungal properties

  • Blood sugar balance

  • Aid in Digestion

  • Reduce Congestion

  • See more info here


Hungarian Organic Paprika

Hungarian Paprika  (Highest Quality) uses:

Add to meat, eggs, barbeque sauce, ketchup, potato salad, goulash, seafood, rice, and more.

Paprika is actually loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants that can deliver many benefits to your body

Healthy Benefits & Uses:

  • Rich in antioxidants 

  • Keeps heart strong

  • May help treat & prevent cancer

  • Good for eyes

  • Potentially useful in treatment of diabetes

  • Aids in treatment for autoimmune conditions

  • Get more info here


Buy H & H Honey   

100% raw unfiltered Honey from a local bee keeper in Arizona.  The honey is so delicious!!!

Honey Facts
  • It is the only food to contain ‘pinocembrin’ that is an antioxidant that improves brain function

  • Honey speeds the healing process and combats infections.

  • Honey contains more than 180 different substances. These include 5 enzymes, 6 different vitamins, 8 distinctive lipids, 12 minerals, 17 trace elements, 18 different acids, 18 different amino acids (proteins) 18 bioflavonoids (antioxidants), 26 aroma compounds

  • Honey that is sold as raw contains all the pollen, enzymes and other micro-nutrients

  1. More info on Honey –  Click Here

  2. Read about Bee Pollen Here



Manuka Honey from New Zealand click here to go to their site.

Comvita  – Manuka Honey From New Zealand

Koru Naturals – Honey & Other products with Manuka Honey

Maple Syrup
  • World famous, certified organic Canadian maple syrup

  • The enjoyment of knowing you support eco-friendly family farms in Quebec, Canada

  • 100% natural, nutritious goodness with NO high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients

  • Delicious, full-bodied maple flavour with notes of caramel

  • The perfect natural sweetener for your baking, cooking, desserts, tea & coffee

  • An irresistible companion to your waffles and pancakes

  • The #1 recommended maple syrup for the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet)

  • BPA free bottle, NON GMO, Organic, From Canada, No preservatives

Info on Maple syrup

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