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Butter & Oils

Healthier Options for cooking

Even though smoke point is important, saturated fats (ghee and coconut oil) are more stable for cooking than monounsaturated fats (olive and avocado), and monounsaturated fats tend to be more stable than polyunsaturated fats (flax oil and fish oil).  Read more on cooking options


Even a healthy oil like benefit-rich olive oil becomes unhealthy when it reaches its smoke point. When an oil reaches its smoke point, the structure of the oil begins to break down, nutrients are lost, flavor is changed and most dangerously, compounds can be created that are damaging to your health.

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  1. Ghee   – Ancient Organics Ghee is always made by hand in small batches, using only organic sweet cream butter from Strauss Family Creamery. Cows are graze on pasture.  Reduces inflammation in the digestive tract and throughout the body. To find out more about ghee click here.  Smoke Point – It has one of the highest flash points (450 – 485ºF)


2. Butter Raw (from pastured cows)- Smoke point 350F


3. Coconut oil –   More info on coconut country living and Purlygrown products Smoke point 350 °F


4.  Olive Oil – Shouldn’t be used for cooking and only used to add after cooking, in dressings or sauces or eaten as a whole food.

Click here for more info on Papa Vince olive oil or Click here for more info on MaryRuth Organics


5.  Avocado Oil – Best eaten as a Whole Food. When it comes to Cooking unrefined avocado oil, it’s better suited for unheated recipes, such as a dressing or dipping oil.

Refined avocado oil – ( used for high heat) means it has been treated with acid, or purified with alkali or bleached.  It can be neutralized, filtered or deodorized.  Which require Hexane.


6.  Tigernut Oil –  Click Here to Buy  from their site or click to buy from Amazon

  • Higher smoke point than olive oil

  • Cold Pressed

  • High content of Vitamin E

  • High content of Oleic Acid 

  • Over 10 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acid (linoleic acid & linolenic acid), enough to cover daily minimum needs

  • Higher oxidative stability than other oils, due to its content of polyunsaturated fatty acids 


This high quality oil is extracted by a cold, virgin process in order to ensure that it retains all the unique nutritious qualities of the TigerNut itself. The oil is golden brown in color and has a slight nutty taste. TigerNut Oil was first used by Egyptians 4,000 years ago and is generally considered a healthier alternative. Highly recommended for cooking above other oils because it is more resistant to chemical decomposition at high temperatures. TigerNut oil is also a fantastic component of beauty products. It has a high oleic acid content and low acidity and is excellent for the skin!


Siberian Tiger Naturals – Extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil is an excellent natural remedy for all inflammation-related conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, including peptic ulcers, gastritis, acid reflux, esophagitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This golden-colored oil is a uniquely abundant source of powerful health-promoting and healing vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin E, beta-carotene and other carotenoids, essential amino acids, and vital microelements.

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